C Programming

History Of C Programming

C is a efficient and portable general purpose programming language . C was derived from a language known as BCPL. BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language ) was developed by Ken Thompson. BCPL also known as B-language. One of the aims of BCPL was to achieve efficiency in complied code. BCPL was defined as translator could produce efficient machine language code. Then C was developed in the year 1972 at Bell Telephone Laboratories (AT&T) by Dennis Ritchie.

Ken Thompson
Dennis Ritchie

C popularly widespread in the middle of 1980's. C permits programs to be written in same style as that of most modern high level languages,such as FORTRAN,COBOL,BASIC and PASCAL . In C-Language lot of new features have been added to make it more useful and powerful. It provides good portability compares to B-language. It is often known as a "Middle-Level Language". It was designed to have both good programming efficiency and good machine efficiency.